Senior Network Engineer - job id 28600

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Senior Network Engineer

Market $$$ - Per Year F/T Employee

Midtown, NYC Park Ave

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A full-time position at a major financial services company, trading and research offering best-in-class benefits, programs, and services.

Pay Options: F/T Employee.

Contact Ena Bekanovic. call (646)876-9537 or email with the Job Code EB28600 or Click the Apply Now button ().

Location: Midtown Lexington.

Skills required for the position: NETWORK ENGINEERING, SCRIPTING (PERL, PYTHON, SHELL)

Detailed Info: The Core Network WAN Engineering team of top research and financial services company is seeking a dynamic, talented and experienced network engineer who thrives on being "in the trenches". The successful candidate must possess extensive programming experience in network automation, provisioning & performance management.

The candidate is also expected to possess expert networking knowledge, experience, creativity and capability to work in a complex and fast paced network technology environment. The candidate will work closely with network operation groups to provide technical assistance and guidance. The candidate will also work directly with vendors to drive feature enhancements that are necessary to meet business needs. Ability to drive relevant strategic solutions in a complex environment is highly desirable.


6+ years of network design and engineering experience on an advanced network

2+ years of programming/scripting experience (Python and/or Perl preferred)

Extensive experience with large L3/L2 network design and development

Extensive experience with IOS, JunOS and hardware

Extensive knowledge of routing and switching concepts and technology

Extensive knowledge and experience with BGP and OSPF

Extensive knowledge of MPLS and BGP/MPLS IPVPN

Extensive knowledge of QoS and queuing theory

Excellent and rapid network troubleshooting and repair skills

Excellent communication skills and experience working collaboratively with NOCs, systems software developers and administrators

Education: BS/MS (CS/EE preferred)

Job Id: 28600